Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moomin cafe

Do you know "moomin cafe"?
"Moomin cafe" is a restaurant where is located in Tokyo Dome City.
You can enjoy many kinds of Northern European meals and bread, also goods imported from Finland, spoons, forks and tongs which has moomin characters are sold in the restaurant!!

When you enter the restaurant, big moomin family welcome you!!!!!
They are sooooo cute, aren't they?

I went there last year, so I don't know whether you can have the same dises or not but I introduce what I ate.
The picture on the left side is what my boyfriend ate: meatballs, mashed potatoes, white stew. The mashed potatoes is shaped moomin....not moomin? Macaroni in the stew is shaped "Nyoronyoro"! That's so cute!! The photo on the right side is what I ate: beef stroganoff:) The rice looked Moomin! It was very delicious and cute<3

Also you can eat many kinds of Northern European bread and bread shaped charatcters!!
This photo is not what I had before and I found it on the net. What I ate was not shaped these kinds of bread but bread which is very drier than I usually eat. They use dried-fruits into bread because I guess the countries are located in Nothern area and it's very cold.

I've never been to Northern Europe but I would like to go there someday....
This restaurant makes you feel like going to Finland!
If you are interested in it, please check it out:)


  1. I like moomin! I didn't this restaurant but I want to go there!! It's sooo nice. Meals are also cute. Is it located only in Tokyo Dome City??

  2. The moomin's dishes are so cute and must be delicious!
    I like moomin but I didn't know the moomin cafe.
    If I go to the Tokyo Dome City, I want to try moomin's dishes!

  3. What a cute restaurant!!
    My favorite caracter is "Little me".
    Is there a meal which uses her as a motif?
    How much did you pay for your dish?
    I really want to go there.

  4. I decided to go to this restaurant someday! Thanks!

  5. I've been there before! Tokyo Dome City is near from my house.
    We can enjoy the atmosphere and dishes.

  6. Oh!moominpapa sitting table!!
    What a cute meal!
    I want to go this cute restaurant!

  7. I really would like to go to moomin cafe so much!!!
    this space must makes me happy!

  8. I went to Tokyo dome city last month, but I didn't know moomin cafe, so I wanna go there and eat cute meals. Thank you for giving this information.